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Taras Bulba, 1957

Emil Schumacher (1912–1999, D)

Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 147 x 120 cm

about the work

A bright colour forms the border for the centre of the image bursting with tension. Green, orange and black in all their shades open up the visual space and essentially draw the viewer’s attention to the yellow-lit centre of the composition. Schumacher’s particular way of dealing with the material nature of paint is shown in his multi-layered, pastose application and his differentiated treatment of the surface, on which Schumacher has scraped and scratched. His work Taras Bulba – the title refers to a story by Nikolai Gogol – from 1959 marks a climax in the artist’s early informal stage.

A characteristic of Schumacher is his considered approach. Even though individual lines soon find their place on the canvas, a longer period of reflection often follows or even painting over, so his work is in a constant process of change. By founding the Junger Westen / Young West artist association, Schuhmacher along with his renowned fellow artists paved the way for post-war art in 1947. In addition, he participated in numerous ground-breaking exhibitions such as »A New Direction in Painting« at the Kunsthalle Mannheim in 1957/58. Internationally Schumacher gained great recognition by participating in among others the first exhibitions of German post-war art in Amsterdam and Paris as well as the documenta exhibition in 1959 and 1964.

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