Celebrating the start of construction

Reinhard Ernst

More than 200 guests – including numerous representatives from the world of politics and culture – celebrated the start of construction of the Reinhard Ernst Museum on 30 August 2019. Speeches by Gert-Uwe Mende (Mayor of the state capital city of Wiesbaden), Michel van Ackere (Maki & Associates, Tokyo), Prof Michael Schumacher (Schneider+Schumacher Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt am Main) and Reinhard Ernst (Reinhard & Sonja Ernst Foundation) were musically accompanied by the Taiko Heidelberg Group on Japanese taiko drums. Behind a red and white barrier tape, the area next to the marquee was staked out, on which the museum will subsequently stand and the dimensions of the construction project were clear for all to see. Information boards and an updated architectural model provided insightful details to the interested attendees. This celebration has given the starting signal for the initial construction stage; further explanations of the activities at this stage can be found here.

A full house celebrating the start of construction on 30 August 2019
Musical accompaniment for the celebration: Taiko Heidelberg under the direction of Ilka Haase (second from right)
Gert-Uwe Mende, Mayor of the state capital city of Wiesbaden
Riichi Yamauchi, professional taiko and shamisen musician from Yokohama
Michel van Ackere (Maki & Associates, Tokyo)
Prof Michael Schumacher (schneider+schumacher Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt am Main)
From left to right: Wiesbaden’s Mayor Gert-Uwe Mende, Sonja Ernst, Reinhard Ernst, Michel van Ackere
Bird’s eye view of the Wilhelmstrasse 1 property