Construction work, as at 16 March 2020

Despite the current restrictions on public life due to the coronavirus, the construction work at the Reinhard Ernst Museum has so far been proceeding according to plan. The underground work has finished; now they are starting on construction with production of the floor slab. The first containers have been set up and will serve as accommodation for the construction workers. Other containers for the construction managers, for meetings and sanitary facilities will follow. The wooden fence is already up. However, in order to be able to follow the progress of the work, peepholes will be sawn out of the wood very shortly.

A total of 2,300 tonnes of steel are being used in the shell of the museum – this is about the same weight as a quarter of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Iron bars over 10 metres long have been fitted in the surrounding area (their blue ends are easy to spot in the current photos); these rods safeguard the bored pile walls from tilting over.

The electricity supply to the building site is also guaranteed, because the power supply company ESWE Versorgungs AG built its own transformer hut a few days ago. It is already at the correct height, will be placed in an adjacent building later on and will also be capable of providing energy for other users. The museum’s installations rooms will be situated at a slightly lower level – which is why different levels can be seen in the blinding layer shown in the photo.

Based on current planning, a construction crane is to be erected in early April, which is required to carry out the structural work. A second crane will follow at a later time. We will continue to report regularly on the progress at the Wilhelmstrasse 1 site.

(Photos: Klaus Helbig and Frank Marburger)