Construction work, as at 28 March 2020

Despite the current restrictions in public life to flatten the infection curve, construction work continues at the Reinhard Ernst Museum. As such, the strict safety regulations of the regional council are being complied with and this applies especially to the distance to be maintained between individuals working on the building site and circumstances in relation to accommodation in the building containers.

The floor slab is currently being given strong thermal insulation; it consists of foamed glass, which is produced using a thermal process in energy-saving low-temperature ovens. After the insulation work, the reinforcement of the approximately 80 cm thick concrete slab begins and the required connections to the floor slab are laid. The erection of the first construction crane is scheduled for 8 April, provided there are no delays due to the Covid-19 crisis.

For those who are interested, peepholes have been sawn out of the fence along Wilhelmstrasse and Rheinstrasse, so you can continue to follow the activities on the site. The webcam is of course also still active and tirelessly delivers the latest shots of the building site.