Foundation drilling completed by the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency of the state capital of Wiesbaden has checked the foundations for the Reinhard Ernst Museum by exploratory drilling. Two machine core drillings were carried out on the current car park site (see photos). This allowed the artesian conditions in the tertiary layers to be determined. It means that excess pressure of the groundwater is examined several metres underground. On this occasion, probes for ordinance were also carried out at the drilling points – in case explosives from possible bombing attacks during World War 2 are still in the ground. All the results of the analyses will be considered in future construction planning.

Trees and plants, which must be removed due to the museum construction, will be replaced by the builder. These measures have been taken in a binding agreement with the Environment Agency.

View of the property (in the background from left: Museum Wiesbaden, RheinMain CongressCenter, Wilhelmstrasse)
View of the property (in the background from left: Commerzbank, recently built upmarket residential buildings)